University of Iowa
The primary color palette for the University of Iowa is black and gold. The official colors play an important role as an instantly recognizable element of the UI’s visual identity.

Primary colors

The primary gold for the University of Iowa is the spot color PMS 116 C. As the industry standard, Pantone recommended values should be used for CMYK, HEX, and RGB color spaces to achieve the most desirable gold across print and digital platforms. Do not use PMS 116 U when printing on an uncoated stock, every effort should be made by vendors to match the PMS 116 C swatch. For process four-color printing, use the recommended CMYK values. For web and digital platforms, use the recommended HEX value. For a more dense black when printing with a four-color process, use the recommended rich black formula.

Gold swatch

PMS 116 C
CMYK: 0  14  100  0
RGB: 255  205  0
Madeira Thread: 910-1069 Classic Rayon #40

Black swatch

CMYK: 0  0  0 100
HEX: #000000
Rich Black: 40  30  30  100

Secondary colors

The official secondary color palette is under review and will be updated in the near future. During this process, university communications may use colors that complement the official black and gold, provided that combined secondary values do not exceed 20 percent of the total color palette of any design.

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