Branding Bar

All official university web pages—including college, department, and unit pages—should use the official branding bar, which includes the logo in gold on black and links back to The branding bar is implemented on this site and has been developed with responsive styling in order to achieve the best user experience possible on mobile devices.

Logo lockups should not appear in the header of a website. Unit names should be included in on-page content. It is acceptable to use a unit-level logo lockup in the footer of a website.


For Drupal-based websites, a module is available that will place the branding bar on your site with no need to input code manually. More information about this module can be found on the Github README.

Other Sites/Applications

A Github repo is available with assets and instructions on how to implement the brand bar in web applications and non-Drupal sites.

PowerPoint Templates

There are two PowerPoint templates available for download. Standard and wide-screen options are included. 

PowerPoint template with left-aligned logo
PowerPoint template with left-aligned logo
PowerPoint template with centered single-line logo
PowerPoint template with centered single-line logo

Digital Signage

There are two services on campus for digital signage, Drupal (free solution) and AxisTV (paid solution). 

Drupal digital signage is a form a digital signage that utilizes a web page instead of software to display content on a screen. This service is free to campus. Contact the Digital Signage team at for more information.

AxisTV digital signage is a form of digital signage that utilizes software to manage the content playing on a sign. AxisTV is considered a full-fledged digital signage solution because it is a paid service. Contact the Enterprise Technologies Management team at for more information.

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