University of Iowa
The University of Iowa is known both nationally and internationally as “The Writing University.”

We encourage communicators to live up to that title by demonstrating care and precision in all messaging, including press releases, digital and print materials, social media posts, and editorials. Content from the University of Iowa should be: 

Avoid the passive voice, dull language, and run-on sentences.

Limit your use of adjectives and superlatives.

Keep sentences short, tight, and focused on the objective of your message.

Understand your audience(s) and your unit’s goals. Use that understanding to guide your communications.

Avoid heavily academic or technical language in promotional or recruitment-driven materials.

Look for opportunities to connect with your audience emotionally and move them to action.


Style guide

The University of Iowa uses predominantly AP style with some exceptions. Please consult the PDF iconUI Editorial Style 2018 guide.


UI Editorial Style Guide page 1 preview

PDF iconUI Editorial Style 2018

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