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Preview of icons

The University of Iowa has developed an icon set to uniquely represent our brand and align with our visual identity. Icons can help simplify communications and bring consistency to a family of materials, so it is important that our icons share the same look and feel.


Using icons

Icons are provided as SVG and PNG files in black, gold, and reversed. SVG files are for web purposes; for print projects, convert SVG files to EPS using Adobe Illustrator or cloud convert to ensure that icons print clearly at any size. PNG files should only be used for Microsoft Office products, such as PowerPoint.

  • Enhance content by creating visual interest. Icons should be directly relevant to the information you’re communicating and be used to compliment content, not distract from it. 
  • Do not use icons as a central or large graphic element. Icons should only be used to supplement a fact, header, or text block. They should not be used as the primary visual. 
  • Icons are not for unit identification. Icons should not be combined with college, department or program names to form a logo.
  • Do not attempt to create your own icons. If existing icons do not meet your needs, please contact

Design principles

The UI icon set is characterized by simple, flat art with a thin line and rounded accents.

  • Style. All icons are created with a consistent style, with 90 degree inner angles and rounded outer corner joints. Rounded accents or details are used for contrast.
  • Line weight. All icons are monoweight, meaning that all the elements of the icon are constructed with lines of a uniform weight.
  • Color. The icon set is available for download in PMS 116, black, and white. Icons can appear in any color in our palette, but all elements must be a single color within the icon. It is also important to maintain sufficient contrast when selecting colors.
  • Scale. When scaling icons, the stroke weight should be scaled proportionally with the size of the icon. Do not add additional stroke to the icon. Icons should always remain at the same scale in relation to each other to create a consistent look.

Note: solid versions of each icon are currently being developed and will be added to the set for download once completed. 

Icon diagram

Acceptable and unacceptable usage of icons

Icons shown in print example
Compliment content in a print brochure
Visual showing icon usage in digital content
Add visuals to facts or stats
Visual showing icon usage in a digital ad
Draw attention to calls to action or contact info
Icon shown with drop shadow
Do not add a drop shadow
Icon with extra stroke
Do not increase stroke weight
Icon with gradient
Do not add a gradient
Distorted icon
Do not distort
Combined icons
Do not combine icons

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