The University of Iowa often partners with other established external organizations and institutions. When this occurs, our block IOWA logo should be displayed with adequate clear space and in equal proportion to the other logos. In the context of Big Ten athletics, the Tigerhawk may be used instead.

Use of the university name or language used alongside the logo should not appear as an endorsement and should be reviewed by the Office of Strategic Communication for approval. Please contact for assistance or questions.

The block IOWA logo next to the Downtown Iowa City logo

Cobranding with external organizations

The Tigerhawk displayed with other Big Ten logos

Cobranding with Big Ten athletic teams


When multiple campus units partner together, use the block IOWA logo and list unit names in plain text in an opposite corner. If necessary, use type style (size, color, weight, etc.) to denote different levels of sponsorship.

  • Don’t display multiple lockups.
  • Don’t use the lockup generator to create lockups with sponsor listings. Sponsorship information should be approached as text content.
  • In most cases, unit names are unnecessary when indicating university sponsorship to external audiences because those audiences tend to see all units as simply the University of Iowa.
Page layout example with sponsoring units lists in plain text

List unit names in Roboto, separately from the block IOWA logo.

Page layout showing sponsoring units listed in different styles to indicate sponsor level

Use various weights and styles of Roboto to indicate sponsor levels.