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Powerful video and imagery are essential to telling the University of Iowa’s story. These guidelines are designed to help campus communicators hone their visual communications and keep them in line with the university’s visual identity.

Pentacrest at night



The University of Iowa’s institutional approach to photography is largely based on traditional photojournalism techniques.

  • The photographer should be as close to the action as they can be without interfering.
  • An organic and natural feel is preferable—people and places should be presented candidly and realistically.
  • Avoid highly staged or stock photography as much as possible.
  • Photography that requires staging (portraits, etc.) should only be used when it highlights the University of Iowa story—to complement a narrative rather than distract from it

Approved users can access the university’s library of professional photos via the UI Photoshelter site. A public gallery of photos can be found via the UI Flickr photostream.

UI Photoshelter site 
(approved users)

UI Flickr photostream 



Video should follow similar principles, focusing on organic and authentic portrayals rather than highly stylized techniques or editing. All audio should be recorded using a dedicated mic to optimize sound quality.

  • All videos should end with the bumper footage below. 
  • A styling guide for titles and on-screen text content is provided as an .eps template for reference. 
Video end with primary logo
Video end with primary logo (download)
Video end with single-line logo
Video end with single-line logo (download)
Video lower thirds guide
Lower thirds .eps guide (download)

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