The University of Iowa is a robust and creative enterprise. Unique products and services that originate from our research, entrepreneurship, and creative activities distinguish our institution and advance its mission. Proper use of the Iowa brand will benefit the university overall while helping to effectively promote your offering.

Criteria and guidelines

Unique logos can be developed for specialized offerings that originate from and are supported by the university but are marketed to a separate and distinct audience relative to the primary academic, research, and service mission of the university. These offerings must have the resources necessary to successfully maintain, protect, and build their individual product brands.


  • Leverage black and gold and follow color palette guidelines.
  • Use official fonts for all communication copy. Other fonts can be explored for the design of the unique logo only.
  • Use the block IOWA logo separately as a university brand endorsement that lends credibility to the offering. 


  • Don’t use the word “Iowa” when naming these types of offerings. This avoids redundancy within the branded environment and the temptation to appropriate the block IOWA logo or display “IOWA” in another typeface. Instead, focus the name on the purpose and value of the offering. 
  • Don’t use unique product logos to represent an academic or administrative unit.
  • Don't use product logos on official stationery or in email signatures.

Appropriation prohibited

The block IOWA logo, secondary logos, or any element of an official logo, cannot be incorporated into unique product logos.

Exceptions to this rule include One Day for Iowa and On Iowa! event graphics.

Product and service logo examples

Unique product and service logos should prioritize the product name and use additional graphic elements or illustration to add context or lend meaning to the offering. 

BizInnovator StartUp logo


Curriculum toolkit and professional development program for high school business and marketing teachers

WorldCanvass logo

World Canvass

Live audio podcast series sponsored by International Programs

Connected for Life logo

Connected for Life

Stanley Museum of Art digital programming project for seniors living in long-term care facilities



Driving simulators developed by the Driving Safety Research Institute

Product and service usage examples

Placeholder product brand imprint on front of tee, block IOWA logo on sleeve

When product logos are used on merchandise and apparel, the block IOWA logo must appear in a second imprint. Follow university licensing process.

Sample print piece with product identity represented on front with IOWA logo separately, unit lockup on back

Affiliated unit lockups should appear in a secondary location, such as the back or bottom of a communication.

Sample web page with Iowa brand bar and product identity represented in on page content

For sites hosted on the domain, product logos should be displayed as on-page content so the Iowa brand bar and header remain consistent.

Prohibited example of the block IOWA logo in the same imprint area of a product identity

Don’t place the Iowa logo in the same imprint area as a product logo.

Prohibited examples showing Iowa incorporated into a product identity

Product logos must not incorporate the block IOWA logo or the word “Iowa” typeset in a different font.

Prohibited example showing product identity in off brand colors

Don’t use off-brand colors in a dominant way. Product logos should leverage black and gold and follow secondary color percentages outlined in color guidelines