University of Iowa
The University of Iowa visual identity system includes secondary marks and graphics. Each plays a unique role in supporting the institutional brand and has limited availability depending on its intended purpose. 
University of Iowa seal
University seal: contact for usage approval
Block IOWA
Block IOWA
University of Iowa Tigerhawk
Athletics Tigerhawk: contact for usage approval

Block IOWA

The block Iowa is a graphic that can be used in communications as a way to supplement the institutional logo and evoke the pride of being a Hawkeye. The block Iowa may also be used on promotional items in order to provide a more graphic way of identifying the university. 

  • The Block Iowa should not be combined with a unit name in any application other than promotional items or merchandise where space is limited. 
  • Like the university logo, block IOWA has the strongest impact when displayed in the approved black and gold values. Do not display the block IOWA in any other color.
  • Do not display the block IOWA reversed (white). If producing a one-color piece and reversed presentation cannot be avoided, contact for approval.
  • With the exception of promotional items where the imprint area is too small, the University of Iowa logo must still appear separately when the block IOWA is used.


Block IOWA color and usage guidelines:

Block IOWA in gold on black
The block IOWA in gold on black is acceptable (preferred).
Block IOWA in gold on a photo
Use the Block IOWA in gold when it appears over a photo.
Block IOWA in gold on white
The block IOWA in gold on a white background is acceptable.
Block IOWA in black on gold
The block IOWA in black on gold is acceptable (preferred).
Block IOWA in black on gray
The block IOWA in black on light background colors is acceptable.
Block IOWA in black on white
The block IOWA in black on a white background is acceptable.
Block IOWA in gold on blue
Do not display the block IOWA on any solid-color field other than black, gold, or white.
Block IOWA in red on gold
Do not display the block IOWA in colors outside the black-and-gold color palette.
Block IOWA in white on red
Do not display the block IOWA reversed or on colors outside the black and gold color palette.
University of Iowa typeset near the block IOWA
Do not typeset “The University of” nearby.
Block IOWA on a busy pattern
Do not place over a busy background.
Block IOWA typeset in another font
Do not attempt to recreate in another font.
Block IOWA squished
Do not squish.
Block IOWA stretched
Do not stretch.
Block IOWA distorted
Do not distort.

Block IOWA lockups for promotional items

To provide major institutional units with more graphic options for swag and promotional items, the Office of Strategic Communication has developed a block IOWA lockup system for abbreviated unit names. Unit names that use block IOWA should be limited to one word or compound phrase, and should not be used as the primary identification of any major administrative or academic unit. For example, the word “Engineering” can be combined with the block IOWA graphic; the name “College of Engineering” should not. To ensure consistent application, block IOWA lockups will be furnished by the Office of Strategic Communication. If displaying a full unit name is desired, it can be rendered as plain text, separately from the block IOWA.


Sample block IOWA lockups:

Horizontal block IOWA lockup
Horizontal block IOWA lockup option
Stacked block IOWA lockup
Stacked block IOWA lockup option

UI Seal
University seal usage guidelines

The University of Iowa seal is a modification of the original seal of the State University of Iowa. The seal is the formal business emblem of the University of Iowa and is limited to official, administrative, and presidential communication. 

  • The seal should be displayed in one color only, on a solid background field.
  • Do not modify the seal in any way.
  • Contact for vector files, usage approval, or questions regarding use of this graphic.

Athletic Tigerhawk usage guidelines

The Tigerhawk, as the primary retail and identifying mark for the University of Iowa Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, should not be used as an identifier of other university departments or student organizations.

Complete policy governing the use of the Tigerhawk, the Herky mascot, and other athletics marks is available from the Trademark Licensing Office and the Iowa Hawkeyes Brand Standards Manual.

Events, initiatives, and campaigns

Unique graphics, illustrations, and type treatments are permitted for university events, initiatives, and limited-time communication campaigns. Examples include Theme Semester, We Are PHIL, Tier@IOWA, the UIAA 150th Anniversary, and Office of Admissions events like You@UI and OnIowa! Graphics of this kind should not incorporate or modify the university logo or any element of it.

Please note that event or campaign graphics should not replace the university logo. With the exception of promotional items where the imprint area is too small, the University of Iowa logo should still appear separately.

    Food for Thought illustration
    Theme semester illustration
    We Are PHIL campaign logo
    We Are PHIL campaign graphics
    On Iowa! logo
    On Iowa! immersion event logo
    You@UI event logo
    You@UI campus visit event logo

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