The University of Iowa visual identity system includes secondary marks and graphics. Each plays a unique role in supporting the institutional brand and has limited availability depending on its intended purpose. 
Block IOWA graphic
Block IOWA
University of Iowa seal
University seal
University of Iowa Tigerhawk
Athletics Tigerhawk

Block IOWA Usage Guidelines

The block Iowa graphic is a secondary mark reserved for marketing and promotional use (banners, giveaways, apparel, etc.). Based on a typeface originally used by UI Athletics, the sporty and collegiate feel of block Iowa provides a bold visual shorthand for the institution so many people refer to simply as “Iowa.”

Like the university logo, block IOWA has the strongest impact when displayed in the approved gold value over a black field. 

To provide major institutional units with more graphic options for promotional purposes, a block IOWA lockup system has been developed for abbreviated unit names. Unit names that use block IOWA should be limited to one word or compound phrase, and should not be used as the primary identification of any major administrative or academic unit.  For example, the word “Engineering” can be combined with the block IOWA graphic; the name “College of Engineering” should not. To ensure consistent application, block IOWA lockups will be furnished by the Office of Strategic Communication. If displaying a full unit name is desired, it can be rendered as plain text, separately from the block IOWA.

With the exception of promotional items where the imprint area is too small, the University of Iowa logo must still appear separately when the block IOWA is used.


Acceptable use of block IOWA lockup:

Horizontal Block IOWA lockup option
Horizontal block IOWA lockup option
Stacked Block IOWA sample
Stacked block IOWA lockup option
The University of Iowa inappropriately typeset near the block IOWA graphic
Do not typeset “The University of” near the block IOWA.
The block IOWA letters inappropriately recreated
Do not attempt to recreate in another font

University Seal Usage Guidelines

The University of Iowa seal is a modification of the original seal of the State University of Iowa. The seal is the formal business emblem of the University of Iowa and is limited to official, administrative, and presidential communication. Contact with questions regarding use of this graphic.

Athletic Tigerhawk Usage Guidelines

The Tigerhawk, as the primary retail and identifying mark for Iowa Athletics, should not be used as an identifier of university departments or student organizations.

Complete policy governing the use of the Tigerhawk, the Herky mascot, and other athletics marks is available from the Trademark Licensing Office and the Iowa Hawkeyes Brand Standards Manual.


This policy provides standards for adhering to the University of Iowa graphic identity for all print and digital communications. Use of the identity on manufactured goods or products falls under additional guidelines.

Suppliers who manufacture and/or
 sell items imprinted with elements of the University of Iowa graphic identity are required 
to be licensed by the university. Accordingly, university units and student groups are required to purchase emblematic merchandise from officially licensed vendors. Products and designs must be approved through the Trademark Licensing Office

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