University of Iowa
Typography plays an important unifying role in supporting the University of Iowa visual identity. Our fonts offer a flexible range of strengths that are suitable across print and digital applications.

Primary typefaces



Antonio is our display font. It draws attention to our messages with its tall, condensed letter forms and works best when used very large. Never use Antonio in body copy because its legibility is compromised when used in large amounts.

Ideal for:

  • Headlines
  • Callouts
  • Facts/Rankings

Download Antonio

Preview of Antonio font


Roboto and Roboto Condensed

Roboto is our workhorse font. It consistents of 18 different styles and weights. It is a highly legible typeface that is handy for a variety of both web and print applications.

Ideal for:

  • Subheads
  • Body text
  • Callouts
  • Captions

Download Roboto

Preview of Roboto font


Zilla Slab

Zilla Slab is our accent font. It’s slab serif body provides a pleasant contrast to the clean lines of Antonio and Roboto to create a strong hierarchy.

Ideal for:

  • Subheads
  • Intro copy
  • Pull quotes

Download Zilla Slab

Preview of Zilla Slab font


Secondary typefaces



Lora is our formal and sophisticated font. With its brushed curves and driving serifs, it’s ideal for long-form body text where readability is of most importance.

Ideal for:

  • Formal communications
  • Long-form body text
  • Invitations

Download Lora

Preview of Lora font


Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome is an open-source library of 600+ vector icons that are easily deployed in website design. They can be sized and colored with CSS just like typographic fonts. To search and view all of the available icons, review the Font Awesome icon library. Don’t forget to use Font Awesome’s accessibility features so your icons work for as many people as possible.

Font Awesome icons should not replace our branded iconography in print materials.

Ideal for:

  • Website Icons
  • Social media icons in print and web

Use Font Awesome

Font Awesome icon examples

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