In celebration of this historic year for the University of Iowa, a unique set of logos is available for use in anniversary-related communications through June 2022. The anniversary logo consists of the block IOWA logo and a 175 extension.  

Specifications and guidelines

These temporary, limited-use logos have been created to align with our visual identity and provide a consistent method of recognizing this important milestone when sharing stories or promoting events that coincide with our anniversary during the 2021–22 academic year. 

Sample layout showing 175 anniversary logo

Use the anniversary logo (block IOWA logo + 175 extension) in a layout as you would the university logo.

Banner showing "175 years" large at the top with the block IOWA logo small at the bottom.

Use the 175 extension separately from the block IOWA logo when you need more flexibility with your layout or want to highlight “175 years” more prominently.

Gold mugs showing the block IOWA logo and "175 Years" displayed separately in black

Use on merchandise or apparel that may be distributed at anniversary-related events. Follow the licensing process.


Prohibited example showing "175 Years" extension next to a lockup

Don’t use the extension with unit lockups. The extension “175 years” directly relates to the institution as a whole and should not be used in a manner that would be confused with an individual unit or school.

Prohibited example of the anniversary logo shown on stationery

Don’t apply to materials that could extend beyond the academic year, such as stationery, signs, et cetera, and other items with longer shelf lives to avoid waste.

Prohibited example of anniversary logo shown with a tagline

Don't develop tagline or messages. Taglines should never be used in association with the commemoration of this anniversary.

Color usage

Two-color versions of the anniversary logo should be used in most applications to leverage brand colors and create contrast between the block IOWA logo and the 175 extension.

All logos must be used in approved black and gold values

Anniversary logo shown in black on a gold field of color

Use the one-color all-black logo over fields of gold.

Anniversary logo shown in two-color over a solid field of black color

Use the gold block IOWA + white 175 extension over fields of black.

Anniversary logo shown in two-color over a solid field of white color

Use the gold block IOWA + black 175 extension over fields of white or non-bleed applications.

Diagram showing that clear space around the anniversary logo should match the height of the block 'I' stem

Clear space

The amount of clear space around the anniversary logo must be no smaller than the stem height of the block “I” letter. Don’t place text or any graphic element within this clear-space area.

Minimum size

In order to ensure legibility, the block IOWA logo must not appear smaller than the following dimensions.

  • Print: 0.75 inches wide
  • Digital: 85 pixels wide
  • Limited imprint area: 0.5 inches wide
175 anniversary logo shown on a string bag

The ™ symbol is required to appear with the block IOWA logo on all promotional merchandise and apparel. For promotional item orders, follow the licensing process and use the anniversary logo files that include the trademark symbol. 

Download 175 anniversary logo-TM

Logo and 175 extension tabs

Similar to the primary logo tab, anniversary logo tabs provide additional flexibility. Use these over photos or white backgrounds to strengthen brand recognition.

Download anniversary logo tabs

Specifications and guidelines

  • Follow the logo minimum size and clear-space rules outlined above.
  • Always anchor a logo tab to the top or bottom edge of a layout.
  • For print applications, add a bleed space of 0.125 inches to account for trim allowance.
  • Place logo tabs at least 0.5 inches away from corners.

Anniversary logo tab shown over a photo

Use the anniversary logo tab when the logo must be displayed over photography.

Anniversary logo tab shown over white space

Use the anniversary logo tab on white space in a layout to increase brand recognition.

Sample layout showing anniversary logo on the front cover and lockup on the back cover

If a lockup is needed, it must be displayed on a separate page.

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