The University of Iowa often partners with external organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, and other institutions. As such, it is important to use the Iowa brand correctly to best represent the University of Iowa’s role in each of these partnerships.

Use the following examples to help you determine the appropriate way to represent Iowa partnerships and third-party relationships. 

Sample communication that uses the IOWA brand with partner logos in black at the bottom

Iowa as the lead

  • Prioritize the Iowa brand and utilize brand resources.
  • Place supporting partner logos, or names in plain text, in black or white along the bottom of the communication.
Sample communication with IOWA logo next to a partner logo in full color

Iowa as an equal partner

  • Use the IOWA logo or appropriate unit lockup with adequate clear space and in equal proportion to partner logos.
  • Use full-color logos according to Iowa and partner brand guidelines.
Sample communication showing IOWA logo next to other sponsor logos.

Iowa recognized by third party

  • Use the IOWA logo or unit lockup in a context that recognizes the formal relationship between the university and third party. For example “Sponsored by,” “Presented by,” “Clients include,” et cetera.

Third-party use of the university name

Use of the university name or language used alongside the logo should not appear as an endorsement of any product, service, or organization and should be reviewed by the Office of Strategic Communication for approval. Usage will be evaluated with discretion for the best interest of the university. When contracts or agreement forms require a signature, please contact for assistance.

When contacting the Office of Strategic Communication for third-party usage, please provide:

  • A summary of the relationship with the third party and any contracts or agreement forms,
  • Confirmed University of Iowa contact, and
  • Visual demonstration of how the logo will be used.

Cobranding usage examples 

Iowa as lead

When the university is a host or lead sponsor responsible for funding an effort and/or creating the communication materials and assets, the Iowa brand should take priority. 

Partner logos shown in a content area above the footer

SiteNow website

Websites hosted on the domain must follow web guidelines. Cobranding partnerships can be recognized by placing partner logos or names in a content block above the footer. 

Sponsor names listed in plain text on the back of a tee

Sponsor listings

When the university has many sponsors or when space is limited, sponsorships can be listed in plain text. This promotes visual equity among sponsors and further supports Iowa as the lead. 

The block IOWA logo shown at left on a sample page with with units listed in plain text on the right

Internal cosponsorship

When multiple campus units partner together, use the block IOWA logo and list unit names separately in plain text. Use type style (size, color, weight, etc.) to denote different levels of sponsorship if necessary. Don’t use multiple lockups.

Iowa as a partner or recognized by a third-party

When the university provides resources or funding toward an external effort and an outside entity is responsible for the communication materials and assets, follow these partner and third party usage examples.

In most cases, unit names are unnecessary when indicating university sponsorship to external audiences because those audiences tend to see all units as simply the University of Iowa. If unit identification is needed, use an official unit lockup.

Example posters showing the block IOWA logo adequately spaced with other logos and displayed in appropriate color ways

Color usage

Use the block IOWA logo or appropriate unit lockup in black or gold. If the logo must be used on a non-brand color by a third party, use the logo in white or black only.

"University of Iowa" listed in plain text among other partner names

University name in list format

Use the full name "University of Iowa" when the university is listed in plain text among partners or other third parties.

Grid of sponsor logos shown on the back of a tee

Sponsorship on swag

All promotional items purchased as part of a sponsorship that use the block IOWA logo or any other trademarks must be purchased from a licensed vendor, follow brand guidelines, and include context to recognize the relationship.