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The University of Iowa uses standard designs for letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and other UI-branded stationery items. These items must be ordered through UI Printing and Mailing Services to maintain consistency across all faculty and staff communications.

A full list of all products is provided by UI Printing and Mailing Services.


UI letterhead, business card, and envelope samples



Printing Services prints letterhead on recycled stock compatible with laser and ink-jet printers, photocopiers, and fax machines. All letter text must fall within the “live-area” margins established for letterhead design. 

Letterhead does not use the Lockup System to identify administrative or academic units. Instead, departments or organizations will be included in the address block of the letter. The university logo will stand on its own. 

University events, initiatives, and time-limited communication campaigns are allowed unique logos or type treatments as outlined in the Lockup System. These unique graphics may appear at the bottom-right portion of the letterhead, aligned with the black bar in the address block. The following size requirements apply:

  • Horizontal graphics may be no larger than 2.5 inches wide by .625 (5/8) inches tall.
  • Square graphics may be no larger than .75 inches wide by .75 inches tall. 
  • Vertical graphics may be no larger than .75 inches wide by 1 inch tall. 

Contact your external relations director before ordering new letterhead. 

Electronic letterhead

Printing Services also provides electronic letterhead. Electronic letterhead files are suitable for office printers and computers using either PC or Mac platforms. These can be ordered through the same process as printed letterhead. See the price list for more information.


Business cards

A standard business card template is available through Printing Services. Business cards do not use the Lockup System to identify administrative or academic units. Instead, relevant unit names will be referenced in the card’s content/contact information. The university logo will stand on its own. 

Business cards are designed to be printed on only one side. Approved graphics may be printed on the back at an additional cost. Fold-over cards are also available.

Additional information about ordering and pricing is available from Printing Services. Use the StoreFront function to place an order.


Envelopes and other items

Printing Services offers printed and electronic business envelopes, catalog envelopes, memos, and mailing labels. Information and pricing are available from Printing Services.

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