The university logo is the core of the University of Iowa visual identity and must be used in all communications and promotional materials.

Block IOWA logo-black

Block IOWA logo

The block IOWA is the primary logo for the University of Iowa. This bold mark reflects our academic strength, evokes Hawkeye pride, and quickly conveys our brand in the way our constituents know us: as Iowa.

Download block IOWA logo

Color usage

The block IOWA logo must be used in approved black and gold values 

Block IOWA in gold on black background
Block IOWA logo in black on gold background

Color usage considerations 

Block IOWA logo in gold on a white background

Gold on white

The block IOWA in gold on white is limited to stationery, lockups, and non-bleed applications.

Block IOWA logo shown over a dark photo

Dark-to-black photos

The block IOWA in gold over a photo must be limited to dark-to-black photos only.

Block IOWA logo in gold over a dark gray background

Dark gray backgrounds

The block IOWA in gold on dark gray or charcoal backgrounds is limited to apparel.

Block IOWA logo in black on a white background

White backgrounds

The block IOWA in black on a white background must be limited to one-color applications.

Block IOWA logo in black on gray background

Light backgrounds

The block IOWA in black on light backgrounds must be limited to one-color applications.

Block IOWA shown in white on dark gray

White logo (limited use)

Don't display the block IOWA logo in white unless you are limited to a one-color application and the logo needs to display over a dark or non-brand color.



Diagram showing the clear space requirement of at least the height of the stem of the letter "I"

Clear space

The amount of clear space around the logo must be no smaller than the stem height of the block “I” letter. Don’t place text or any graphic element within this clear-space area.

Minimum size

In order to ensure legibility, the logo must not appear smaller than the following dimensions.

  • Print: 0.75 inches wide
  • Digital: 85 pixels wide
  • Limited imprint area: 0.5 inches wide

Vertical display

To maximize scale in narrow imprint areas, the block IOWA logo can be displayed vertically. Use discretion for each application and layout to determine which direction the logo should read.

Block IOWA logo shown vertically on a pen


Position the block IOWA logo so it reads upward on items such as pens, water bottles, and USB drives.

Block IOWA logo shown vertically positioned on pole banners


On banners, position the block IOWA logo so it reads upward when left of the pole, and downward when right of the pole.

Block IOWA logo shown vertically on a layout

Page layouts

Whenever possible, position the baseline of the block IOWA logo toward content or the center of your layout to achieve visual balance.

Block IOWA logo restrictions

The Block IOWA shown next to prohibited tagline/unit messaging
Don’t combine with unit messaging. No taglines.
Prohibited symbol over a block IOWA with a drop shadow
Don’t add drop shadow or special effects.
Prohibited symbol over a distorted block IOWA
Don’t stretch or distort. Transform proportionally.
Prohibited symbol over The University of Iowa placed near the block IOWA logo.
Don’t typeset “The University of” nearby.
Prohibited line over Block IOWA typeset in another font
Don’t recreate in another font.
Prohibited line over Block IOWA in red on blue background
Don’t use colors outside the black-and-gold color palette.
Prohibited example showing the Block IOWA tilted
Don’t tilt or rotate at any other angle.
Prohibited example showing block IOWA logo over a blue sky in a photo
Don’t place over colorful photos. Use a gold logo tab instead.
Prohibited symbol over block IOWA on a busy background

Don’t use over busy backgrounds. Reduced-opacity brand patterns are the only exception.

Appropriation prohibited

The block IOWA logo, secondary logos, or any element of an official logo, cannot be incorporated into unique graphics. This applies to graphics created for awareness themes, campus events, initiatives, campaign names, and retail products/services. Exceptions to this rule include One Day for Iowa and On Iowa! event graphics.

See Unique Campus Graphics for complete guidelines.

Logo tabs

Black and gold logo tabs provide additional flexibility. Use these as an alternative to the logo on a solid field of black or gold, and use over photos and white backgrounds to strengthen brand recognition.

Download logo tabs

Specifications and guidelines

  • Follow the logo minimum size and clear-space rules outlined above.
  • Always anchor a logo tab to the top or bottom edge of a layout.
  • For print applications, add a bleed space of 0.125 inches to account for trim allowance.
  • Place logo tabs at least 0.5 inches away from corners.

When to use:

  • Required. When the logo must be placed over a colorful photo, the gold logo tab should be used.
  • Optional. When the logo is shown on a white background, the black or gold logo tab can be used.

Logo tab usage examples

Gold Logo Tab on white space in a layout


Use a logo tab on white space in a layout to increase brand recognition.

Gold Logo Tab on photo


Use the gold logo tab when the logo must be displayed over photography.

Gold logo tab on front, lockup on back cover


When a logo tab is required, unit names can be displayed separately on the front in Roboto and unit lockups used on the back.

Logo tab restrictions

Inappropriate extension of logo tab


Don’t extend any side of the logo tab.

Prohibited example showing logo tab floating in a layout


Don’t float a logo tab. Always anchor to a top or bottom edge of the layout.

Prohibited example showing the logo tab enlarged and overpowering a layout


Don’t enlarge a logo tab in a way that overpowers the layout. 

Prohibited example showing an added graphic in a logo tab


Don’t incorporate text or other graphics with a logo tab.