University of Iowa
Social media guidelines are meant to help the followers of University of Iowa social media platforms easily recognize that your account is officially associated with the university. 

Avatars and profile pictures should use a unit-specific photo or the University of Iowa dome displayed in gold on black. Unique graphics created for events, initiatives, and limited-time communication campaigns are also permitted. Avoid text on a profile pictures; it is often too small to be seen on a mobile device. Including the name of your college, department, or unit in your profile picture is unnecessary because it is listed on your profile and next to every post you publish across platforms.

Cover or channel header images resize differently on desktop and mobile; text and graphics often get cut off or covered depending on the device a visitor uses to access your social media channel. Photos work best.

Profile and cover images should be consistent across your unit’s social media channels. 

When graphics are created specifically as content for social media sharing (e.g., infographics, pull quotes, or illustrations) the dome should appear in the lower right-hand corner.

An approved avatar file and content templates are available for download below.


Dome avatar for all social platforms
Avatar for all social platforms
Content templates as .psd files with layer options for the dome in gold, black, and white

Additional Guidelines

Knowing your audience is essential. The latest Pew research provides a recent snapshot of how different demographics are using the most popular social media channels. 


Twitter logo


Avatar: 70 x 70 pixels

Background Image: 1500 x 500 pixels

Use an image that best represents your unique area, such as a physical location on campus, classroom, or students. Avoid busy backgrounds with a lot of text. Avoid the use of small-scale text.

Username and Handle: Be as specific as possible within the 20-character limit. Your username and handle should be the same and should begin with UIowa or UI. Use the name of your department, school, or organization. Avoid using “University of Iowa” alone. Examples include @UIowaEducation, @UIowaIMU, @UIHealthcare, @UISpecColl

Location: Please be sure to include Iowa City, IA as your location unless a different city applies.

Bio: Be as specific and descriptive as possible within the 160-character limit. Include hashtags that you regularly use on Twitter.

Website: Link to your website.


Facebook logo


Profile Picture: 180 x 180 pixels 

Timeline Cover Photo: 851 x 315 pixels

Use an image that best represents your unique area, such as a physical location on campus, classroom, or students. Avoid busy backgrounds with a lot of text. Avoid the use of small-scale text.

Page Name: It’s best to be consistent across social media channels for your page name. Are you on Twitter? Be sure to keep the same name for Facebook and vice versa. As mentioned previously, use the name of your department, school, or organization.

Page Type: Select “Education” under “Company, Organization or Institution.”

General Information (under “Page Info” in the “About” section): In addition to relevant information related to your area, you are encouraged to provide this excerpt below.

We reserve the right to delete profane, harassing, bullying, abusive, and spam comments and to block repeat offenders. 


Instagram logo


Profile Picture: 110 x 110 pixels

Bio: Keep your bio very short, identifying your area as succinctly as possible. Add a hashtag to solicit follower use.