Secondary logos

Our visual identity system includes secondary logos. Each plays a unique role in supporting our brand and has limited availability depending on its intended purpose.

Gold Tigerhawk on black field

Tigerhawk logo

Primary athletics logo
Formal wordmark in gold on black

Formal wordmark

Traditional institutional identifier

Presidential seal

Formal business emblem



Tigerhawk flag on the Pentacrest
Black Tigerhawk logo

Tigerhawk logo

The Tigerhawk is both the primary retail and identifying mark for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and a symbol of Hawkeye affinity for students, alumni, and friends of the University of Iowa around the world.

Academic and administrative units can use the one-color version of the Tigerhawk to convey Hawkeye pride. It must be used as secondary element in the same way you would use an icon or illustration in a layout, or in a second imprint area on promotional items.

Contact OSC for files

Minimum size

  • 0.5 inches wide (0.375 inches wide for limited imprint areas)

Usage guidelines

  • Must not be used as a primary identifier
  • Display in black, tints of black, or approved gold values only
  • Due to limited space, do not use in digital ads
  • Don’t use in formal communication
  • Registration symbol must appear when used on apparel and promotional items
  • All other versions are reserved for athletic use only and cannot be used by academic or administrative units

Complete policy governing the use of athletic-specific marks, including the Herky Mascot, is available from the Trademark Licensing Office.

When to use: think Big Ten Athletics and school spirit

  • Official athletic teams, club sports, and qualifying intramurals
  • When representing the University of Iowa among Big Ten peer athletic logos
  • As a secondary illustration to convey Hawkeye pride
  • In a second imprint area on swag when unit identification is used in the primary imprint area
  • As a watermark

Usage examples

Tigerhawk shown as a secondary element in a layout

Use the Tigerhawk as a secondary element to convey Hawkeye pride. It should not compete with or overpower the block IOWA logo.

Lockup on left front chest, Tigerhawk on sleeve

A second imprint area is required to use the Tigerhawk on swag. Unit lockups must be priority and in a separate imprint area.

Page layout showing Tigerhawk used with stats

Use the Tigerhawk in a layout as a supporting illustration for school spirit-related stats.

Student wearing a Tigerhawk tee during lab

Plan or select photography that includes the Tigerhawk.

Tigerhawk restrictions

Prohibited usage of Tigerhawk incorporated into unique graphics

Don’t incorporate the Tigerhawk into any graphic.

Tigerhawk shown with the Block IOWA logo.
Don’t combine the Tigerhawk with the block IOWA logo.
Prohibited example of the Tigerhawk used as unit identification

Don’t use the Tigerhawk as unit identification.

Facing the Tigerhawk left is not allowed

Don’t flip or face the Tigerhawk to the left.

Prohibited tee example showing tigherhawk and unit lockup in same imprint area

Don’t combine the Tigerhawk with your unit lockup in the same imprint area.

Tigerhawk shown in green

Don’t display the Tigerhawk in colors outside the black-and-gold color palette.

Two color version of the Tigerhawk

Don’t use two-color versions of the Tigerhawk. These are reserved for athletic use.

Prohibited usage example of Tigerhawk used as a second imprint with unique graphics

When unique campus graphics are used, the Tigerhawk is not allowed in a second imprint area. The block IOWA must be used instead.

Aerial view of campus with old capitol
Prohibited square configuration of the dome and wordmark

The primary configuration of the dome and wordmark has been retired and is no longer approved for use.

Formal Wordmarks

Formal wordmark

The dome and wordmark together serve as our traditional institutional identifier, known as our formal wordmark. The inspiration for the dome is the university’s Old Capitol building, our most prominent and iconic building at the heart of campus. The wordmark is a custom letterform of the institution’s full name.

There are two configurations of the formal wordmark available for use, the single-line and left-aligned versions.

Download formal wordmarks

Minimum size

  • Single-line wordmark: 1.5 inches wide or 190 pixels
  • Left-aligned wordmark: 1.0 inches wide or 133 pixels


  • Don’t position near the block IOWA or Tigerhawk
  • Don’t modify or appropriate elements of the formal wordmark
  • Don’t reconfigure or alter in any way
  • Don’t attempt to recreate or retype
  • Don’t display in gold over a white background

When to use: think official/formal

  • Legal and official documents 
  • Diplomas and transcripts
  • Building/vehicle signage
  • Stationery (optional)
  • Return address blocks (optional)
university seal on pentacrest


The University of Iowa seal is a modification of the original seal of the State University of Iowa. The seal is our formal business emblem and limited to official, administrative, and presidential communication.

Contact OSC for files


  • Only use in black, tints of black, and approved gold values
  • Don’t modify in any way
  • Don’t add fill color to any part
  • Don’t display over texture, patterns, or busy backgrounds
  • Don’t display in multiple colors

When to use: think Presidential/Ceremonial

  • Legal and official documents
  • Diplomas and transcripts
  • Formal academic ceremonies
  • Permanent building insignias
  • Presidential and executive-level invitations and stationery
  • As a watermark