University of Iowa banners displayed on and adjacent to campus are an important extension of our environmental branding efforts.

Pole banners

Banners can serve as a temporary platform to promote events, activities, or programming that supports the institutional mission. There are three types of banners, based on the purpose and content of the banner. The type of banner may impact the location(s) of the installation and duration that it will be used.  

Institutional Pole Banner Example

Institutional banners

Institutional banners showcase the Iowa brand, are long-term or permanent in duration, and will appear across the entire campus and in select off-campus locations.

Unit level pole banner example

Unit-specific banners

Unit banners are used by a specific college or department. The duration and location will be determined during the approval process which includes a review of the communication and marketing plan that supports the proposed installation.

Event Pole Banner Example

Event/celebreation banners

Event banners are specific to a single event or celebration, (e.g., a unit anniversary) and will be installed on Madison Street. The duration of the installation is dependent on a review of the communication and marketing plan that supports the event or celebration.

Creative guidelines

All pole banners should follow these basic principles and be sized according to the specifications for the desired location and pole type. 

Banner Specification Guide

Adhere to brand guidelines

All banner requests, including on- and off-campus installations, must follow brand guidelines. This includes the use of any messaging, logos, color, and other visual assets. Most, if not all, temporary installations will replace one of the existing black-backgrounded institutional banners that is already installed at that location. To maintain a consistent look, temporary banner designs must use a black background and will be paired with an institutional banner featuring the block IOWA logo on a gold field. 

Keep it simple and legible

Most banners will be read from a distance and should be quickly readable for people passing by in vehicles. Keep text to a minimum and scale design elements larger. Avoid unnecessary elements that may add clutter or take away from your message. 

Unit identification

The name or lockup of the sponsoring university unit or college may be included but should not compete with the primary message. Consider plain text identification when necessary to ensure legibility. 

Banner review process 

All requests to install pole banners on- and off- campus require approval by the Office of Strategic Communication and Facilities Management. Requests must be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the desired installation date and meet all requirements to be approved.

Review process/submit request