Sport clubs are registered student organizations that compete in athletic contests against other university club teams regionally and nationally. Brand guidelines must be followed to ensure your club’s connection to Iowa is clear. 

Use the approved naming convention

Sport clubs must use the approved naming convention in order to accurately convey association with the University of Iowa and to differentiate from intercollegiate athletic teams affiliated with the Department of Athletics.

“University of Iowa” or “Iowa” must appear before the official sport club name and the word ‘‘Club” must be used at the end. Follow this naming convention for all references of your club name.

Club naming examples:

  • University of Iowa Baseball Club
  • Iowa Baseball Club
  • University of Iowa Cheerleading Club
  • Iowa Cheerleading Club

Sport club identifiers and available trademarks

Each sport club has access to an official sport club badge and lockup to serve as primary club identifiers. The Tigerhawk and block IOWA logos are also available for club competition wear and in limited instances as outlined below. Follow all usage guidelines when using university trademarks and your official club identifiers.

Gold Sport Club badge

Sport club badge

Official identifier
Official lockup with block IOWA logo and Women's Volleyball Club name displayed below

Sport club lockup

Official logo/identifier
Gold Tigerhawk on black field


Limited use trademark
Gold block IOWA logo on black background

Block IOWA logo

Limited use trademark

Badge guidelines

Sport club badges must be used on all club competition gear and apparel to differentiate from intercollegiate athletics teams affiliated with the Department of Athletics. Badges should be used in accordance with guidelines and must not be altered or re-created.

Badges are available for and should only be used by sport clubs officially registered and in active status with Recreational Services.  

Download badge files

Diagram showing clear space that should be allowed around the Sport Club badge

Badge clear space

The amount of clear space around the badge must be no smaller than the height of the block IOWA logo. Don’t place text or any graphic element within this clear-space area.

Badge minimum size

In order to ensure legibility, the badge must not appear smaller than the following dimensions.

  • Print: 1.25 inches wide
  • Digital: 150 pixels wide
  • Limited imprint area: 1.0 inch wide

Badge color usage

All gear and apparel items should use brand colors and be selected from black, gold, gray, and white product options. 

Black sport club badge with gold block IOWA logo and white "Sport Club" text


Use the full-color version of the badge on gold or white backgrounds in four-color applications.

Gold Sport Club badge


Use the gold version of the badge on black or white backgrounds or in two-color applications.

All black sport club badge with transparent fill

Black (one-color)

The badge in black must be limited to one-color applications and displayed over a light background.

Sport Club badge shown in white with transparent fill over a dark background

White (one-color)

The badge in white must be limited to one-color applications and displayed over a dark background.


Sport Club lockup with block IOWA logo and club name below

Club lockups

Lockups serve as your official club logo for all marketing and promotional efforts and, if desired, can be used on your club competition wear. Unique logos should not be created to represent your club. Follow all logo guidelines and lockup usage guidelines

Search approved lockups

Applying approved identifiers and trademarks

branded sports club uniform

Club competition wear and equipment

Any item used by club members exclusively to represent the team on game days and during competition, including uniforms, equipment, warmups, and travel gear. 

Sport club lockup shown on front of tee with badge on sleeve

Club promotion and fan gear

Items that are available to club and nonclub members, including parents, staff, fans, and the general public that are available for sale, fundraising, or promotional use. 

Sample poster with club name in plain text, photo placeholder, sport club badge, and sample text placement.

Print and digital communication

Items such as posters and signage that are used to promote sport club activities and events.

Club competition wear and equipment

Select the Tigerhawk, block IOWA logo, OR your sport club lockup to appear as the primary logo on your club competition wear and equipment. A sport club badge must appear in a secondary imprint area. For uniform sets with multiple pieces, prioritize placing the sport club badge on the primary apparel/uniform item that includes a university trademark. 

Tigerhawk shown on front of jersey with sport club badge along bottom hem line

Tigerhawk + badge

Block IOWA logo shown on front of jersey with sport club badge on sleeve

Block IOWA + badge

Sport Club lockup shown on front of jersey with sport club badge on sleeve

Club lockup + badge

Player number and name displayed as primary imprint with sport club badge on sleeve

Badge only

Club promotion and fan gear

Use your official club lockup and place the Tigerhawk OR sport club badge in a secondary imprint. If more prominent display of your club name is needed, you must use brand fonts and include a sport club badge. 

Sport club lockup shown on front of tee with badge on sleeve

Lockup + badge

Two imprint areas
Sport club lockup on front of tee with Tigerhawk on sleeve

Lockup + Tigerhawk

Two imprint areas
Sport Club lockup shown on a string bag

Lockup only

Limited imprint area
women's volleyball club t-shirt

Brand fonts + badge

Prominent club name

League or tradition components

Additional graphic elements may be required if your club is affiliated with a league or there is a universal tradition within your sport, for example, a Rugby crest.  

Guidelines for additional graphics:

  • Must be reviewed and approved by Recreational Services.
  • Must appear in a third imprint area to maintain separation from university trademarks and your official club identifiers.
  • Must not be used as a primary identifier.
  • Must not incorporate, appropriate, or include an altered rendering of any university logo or trademark.
  • Available for competition wear, club promotion, and fan gear.


Sample crest and separate imprint placement

Sample Rugby crest shown on sleeve of a jersey
Particle pattern shown on a tumbler with club lockup

Brand patterns

Sport clubs have access to official brand patterns, each inspired by unique aspects of our campus and culture. These patterns can add depth to designs and create texture in color blocking. Patterns can be cropped to fit a specific area. Don't place brand patterns inside university trademarks or club identifiers. 

See brand patterns

Ordering gear and apparel? Be sure to follow the licensing process.

Sport Clubs must follow University Licensing policy when ordering merchandise and partner with the Student Organization Business Office to follow appropriate purchasing policies. Products and designs must be approved by the UI Trademark Licensing Office. Take the following steps when ordering merchandise and apparel and allow two weeks for processing each request:

Licensing process

  • Suppliers who manufacture and/or
 sell items imprinted with any trademark or element of the University of Iowa brand must be licensed by the university.
  • You must purchase merchandise and apparel through an approved licensed vendor.
  • There are more than 600 approved licensed vendors throughout the state and country. If you are unable to find product offerings from licensees that fulfill your needs, contact

Approved licensed vendors

  • Work with your vendors and their provided templates to design your club gear and apparel. Be sure to follow all sport club brand guidelines to avoid delays during the review process.
  • Whenever wordmarks, trademarks, logos, symbols, and/or elements associated with the University of Iowa visual identity appear on merchandise and apparel, they must be accompanied by the appropriate registration mark. That may be a ® or ™ symbol, depending on the legal registration status of the trademark displayed.
  • Sport club badge files already include the ® registration symbol for you.
  • Per all vendor contracts with the university, they must independently submit a proof of the item and imprint artwork to the University Trademark Licensing Office for approval.
  • If needed, contact Recreational Services for additional guidance.

Contact Rec Services

Application and Agreement Form

  • If the application and artwork are approved, the UI Trademark Licensing Office will provide final agreement to you and notify the vendor that production can begin.

Print and digital communication

Print and digital communication are those items such as posters and signage that are used to promote sport club activities and events. University nonendorsement and accessibility statements must be used when promoting club events and activities.

Branded sport club posters


Use your lockup or display your club name in plain text using brand fonts. Include the sport club badge on all promotional materials. 

SiteNow sample site mockup


Coordinate with Recreational Services and use the university SiteNow service to build and customize your club website. SiteNow templates ensure that branding and accessibility requirements are met.

Nonendorsement statement

All event and activity promotion by a registered student organization must include the approved nonendorsement statement.

“Programs and activities sponsored by registered student organizations are planned and hosted by student organization representatives and do not represent endorsement by the University of Iowa.”

Accessibility statement

All event and activity promotion by a registered student organization must include the university accessibility statement.

“Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa-sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact (insert: the sponsoring department or contact person) in advance at (insert: telephone number).”

Hosting a tournament? 

Sport clubs that host competitions or tournaments may create a unique event illustration or logo for their tournament with approval from Recreational Services. Don't appropriate or incorporate any official university logo or logo element, and follow all guidelines for Unique Campus Graphics. Use your club or the Recreational Services lockup separately as directed to provide indication of the hosting group. 

See Unique Campus Graphics

Guidelines and restrictions

The following examples are intended to provide visual demonstration of acceptable and unacceptable usage and to assist with commonly asked questions. 

Gold block IOWA logo shown on a black jersey, Black Tigerhawk shown on a gold jersey, sample lockup shown on a white jersey.


The sport club badge must be used in a secondary imprint area on your primary apparel/uniform items worn for competition.

Black and gold athletic uniform


Select products and artwork imprints that use our official black-and-gold color palette. Use brand fonts for player identification.

IOWA Social Media Avatar


Use a club-specific photo or an approved University of Iowa avatar for your social media profile picture.

Sport Club lockup shown on a string bag


If a badge cannot be used due to limited space, use your club lockup alone on fan gear and apparel.

Prohibited example showing the Flying Herky combined with the block IOWA logo on the front of a jersey


Don’t combine additional graphics or nonapproved trademarks.

A badge shown altered with additional graphics and edited text demonstraing a prohibitive use


Don’t add club names, include drop shadow, rotate, modify, or distort official badges.

Badge displayed in green demonstrating a prohibitive use


Don’t display badges or the IOWA logo in any other off-brand color.

Prohibited example of a lockup on a purple water bottle


Don’t select gear or apparel that uses off-brand colors.

Lockup shown over a busy pattern causing it to be illegible.


Don’t place identifiers or university trademarks over busy backgrounds and patterns. 

Prohibitive example of club name shown below the Tigerhawk logo


Don’t create an identifier by combining your club name with the Tigerhawk.

Prohibitive example of text added to a lockup and displayed within a custom shape


Don’t place lockups inside shapes, add text or graphics, or embellish in any way.

Prohibitive example of the Tigerhawk combined with a lockup


Don’t combine the Tigerhawk with your lockup. Always maintain separation in a separate imprint area.

Policies and governance

Registered student organizations, including sport clubs and Greek letter organizations, must adhere to policies and procedures outlined and administered by the Office of the Dean of Students

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students administers policies and procedures for student organizations in accordance with the university and applicable laws. 

Operations Manual

The University of Iowa Operations Manual establishes policy for the governance and regulation of student organizations.