Unique campus graphics

Unique graphics, illustrations, and type treatments are permitted for time-limited events, campaigns, and initiatives, or for retail services located on campus. These unique graphics must always be used within an IOWA branded environment.


  • Leverage black and gold and follow color palette guidelines.
  • Use official fonts for all activity communication. Other fonts can be explored for the design of the unique graphic only.
  • Display the block IOWA logo separately on all activity communication and promotional items. Contact osc-brand@uiowa.edu if the imprint area is too small.
  • Use “University of Iowa” in plain text if an identifier is needed within the graphic.


  • Don’t appropriate any official university logo or logo element.
  • Don’t use the word “Iowa” when naming these types of campus activities and creating these graphics.This avoids redundancy within the branded environment and the temptation to appropriate the block IOWA logo or display “IOWA” in another typeface.
  • Don’t treat these campus activities and unique graphics as independent brands. They exist within the context of the University of Iowa brand.
  • Don’t use to represent an academic or administrative unit.

Activity and retail examples

Time-limited events, campaigns, and initiatives

  • Amazing Room Contest
  • OnIowa!
  • Theme Semester
  • One Day for Iowa

Retail services located on campus

  • University Catering
  • Market places
  • C-stores
  • Street Hawk Food Truck

Appropriation prohibited

The block IOWA logo, secondary logos, or any element of an official logo, cannot be incorporated into unique graphics. Exceptions to this rule include One Day for Iowa and OnIowa! event graphics.

Unique graphic usage examples

Street Hawk graphic
Union Station graphic
Amazing Room Content graphic
Street Hawk graphic on top of flier, block IOWA logo at bottom
In this example, the block IOWA logo is sized and positioned in a way that provides clear separation and hierarchy.
Union Station graphic on front of tee, block IOWA on sleeve
Placing the block IOWA logo in a second imprint area provides the clearest separation on promotional products.
Amazing Room Contest graphic shown on drawstring bag with block IOWA logo separately at the bottom
For products with one imprint area, scale and position unique graphics separately from the block IOWA logo for clearest hierarchy.
Block IOWA logo too close to Street Hawk graphic
In this example, clear space is sufficient, but the relative scale and placement of the block IOWA logo to the Street Hawk graphic doesn’t provide enough separation or clear hierarchy.
Union Station graphic on front of tee with block IOWA too close
In this example, clear space is sufficient, but the relative scale and placement of the block IOWA logo makes it feel part of the Union Station graphic.
Block IOWA logo shown overpowering the Amazing Room contest graphic
In this example, the block IOWA logo overpowers the Amazing Room Contest graphic and creates confusing hierarchy.
Prohibited usage of Tigerhawk incorporated into unique graphics
Don’t incorporate the Tigerhawk into any unique graphic.
Prohibited example of a Tigerhawk used in an additional imprint area
Don’t place the Tigerhawk in additional imprint areas.
Prohibited example of the block IOWA logo incorporated into a unique graphic
Don’t incorporate the block IOWA logo into any unique graphic.